CFAR Core F: Systems Biology and Biostatistics

Overview of Services

Core F provides a rigorous foundation in systems biology to define the complex molecular phenotypes that underpin the HIV-1 virus:host immune relationship, and the influence of the microbiome. The Core provides bioinformatics services for the creation of correlated proteomic, metagenomic, transcriptional, post-translational, and metabolic signatures in multiple tissues, cells, and sample types. This is coupled with services for functional immunology systems to translate high priority discoveries. In addition, the Core provides expert biostatistics support to assist in trial design and analysis and perform sophisticated modeling of complex data.


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Charles Rinaldo, PhD | Director | 412-624-3928 |

Robbie B Mailliard, PhD | Co-Director | 412-624-3848 |

Location and hours of operation

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Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm                  

3550 Terrace St, 8th Floor

Pittsburgh,- PA 15261

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Peter Shoucair
Project Coordinator

Robbie Mailliard
Core F Co-Director
(412) 624-3848
Scaife Hall